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A story-driven action-adventure, following Arietta on her journey to unveil the mysteries of the Spirit Realm. 

Immerse yourself in an adventure filled with emotion and surprising turns while taking on dangerous foes in a fast paced combat!

The game tells the story of Arietta and her family, visiting their Grandmother's cabin for the first time after her passing away a year prior. 

However, the family trip takes an unexpected turn when Arietta meets a mysterious new friend and gains the ability to see the strange beings that inhabit the island.

  • Explore a mysterious island with lush forests, murky caverns and dark secrets
  • Beautiful retro-styled pixel graphics and inspiring original soundtrack
  • Meet fascinating characters and discover the deep lore
  • Fight a wide range of enemies in reaction based combat
  • Easy to approach game mechanics, suitable for everyone

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Hi! I am interested in playing this game but when I click Install, it shows an error message saying "Cannot  read property build of undefined." I play games on my laptop which has Windows 10 and is up-to-date. I dunno if this information will be enough to resolve this issue. I have just started playing games on laptop, so forgive me if the error is because of my device and not the game.

Been waiting for this ever since the earliest demos! 8)
Will there be a LINUX version? (I hope so please!)

There probably won't be a Linux version, at least for the launch... But from what we have heard the demo works fine on WINE, so hopefully the full game will too, but this hasn't been "officially" tested!

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Yes, the demo works fine on WINE. 8) But it's always nice to have a native build.
If you need someone to test Linux, I'd be glad to help. 8)

Can I still download the demo?

Closing in on the full release we decided to remove the demo.  It is still available on Gamejolt for the time being if you really want to try it.

I just ordered my physical copy of Arietta of Spirits for PS4 and I’m so excited that I can’t wait to play. 

Will physical copies have the same release date as digital ones?

Thank you ! :) Physical copies ship in Q4 / 2021. 

this is one of the best demos i play, good gameplay, good graphics, mechanic like those of a zelda game, everything is wonderful about this demo

Thank you :)

Lol this review is so big lmao sorry for making you read this

I will give a resume of the game( sorry about my english, i am brazillian) probably have spoilers Feedback: the game is very good with design and musics very well made with some bugs wich doesn't affect in the gameplay, the history is very generic but something is kinda different, i dont know what but is, the enemies are normal but they all have the same paterns with ne being more fast and the other leaving a trail of black thing wich deals damage, the bosses are very simple and they have very like each other, they attack somethimes, you attack him, he release some, minions, you kill the minions and this repeat until you defeat the boss, they are simple but very hard because of the gameplay, except by one fact the gameplay is very well programed, the fact is that if you is attacking and you click to turn to other direction you dont attack there, you still attacking in the other direction and when you aren't attacking there is a delay to turn around Bugs: every character( enemies and npcs) start to flicking when they are walking in cutscenes and in game What should change: the patterns are the same in every enemie, you should make some other attack stile, like charge to you and jump back or be running around you and in some moment he attack you and the same for the bosses Ideas: ya shoudl make in some time of the game your character learn to go parcialy to the other world of the game to do some puzzle, and the game should have puzzles cuz just attacking enemies is kinda boring, the game history is given to you without you do nothing, ya should do more npcs and they tell the history of the game in an non directly form and the game should have a music instead of an back sound to make some fans buy an ost or enjoy more the game That is my oppinion, my final note to the demo is 9/10 but it will propably rise( cuz this is a demo), love the game, kisses from Brazil tchau, e até mais seres humanos maravilhoso (Bye, and see ya amazing humans)

brs tão em todo lugar

Estamos, principalmente em obras primas assim :v

Just wanted to say I played through the DEMO a year ago and enjoyed
it very much. Just picked up the latest DEMO and played through it
again and the game has not lost any of it's charm! I love it! 8)
It played great on LINUX with WINE but a native Linux version would
be awesome if possible! Definitely will be buying this when it's out!
Something about the story and pace really hits home with this.
Hope the release will be soon!

Hey any updates on the game?

What a wonderful and charming story in a great game. The love put into this is palpable. Can't wait.

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Hi. I created an account just to say that this game looks like a lot of fun and I hope to be able to play it on my Playstation 4 or 5 in the near future. Great work guys. 

I guess we’ll have to see what the future brings. 


I finished the demo some months ago, and OMG THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE!! excited wating for the finished product :)

Thank you! Full game is coming soon :)

Very very promising demo. Instantly wishlisted on Steam,

Thank you! Full game is finished soon!

Please make a Mac version, I would love to play your game.

We will finish the PC-version first, but a mac version is not out of the question. 

cool, I hope your game works out!

Might be good.


Not sure what a ye is sorry.

Beautiful game! 

Thank you :)

this is super good

i like itt so muchhhhh pls complete the game 

Thank you! :) The full game is almost completed! 

This game was absolutely fantastic. Well put together with a nice wholesome story, a good atmosphere, and beautiful art. Great job!

Thank you for playing! We plan on releasing the full game Q1 2021, stay tuned for it! :)

Hi, may I ask if the full version of this will become purchasable on itch.io too? I see it's coming soon to Steam, but as I have issues with Steam - I'd rather buy it here if possible. ❤️

Also, as a secondary question - any ETA for release date?


Yes, the full game will be available here too :) 

Unfortunately, at the moment, we still can't give a release date just yet.

The good news is, however, that we are working on finalizing the last chapters of the game. We've also taken players' feedback into account from the demo and added some extra stuff to the game that we didn't plan on initially doing, so this has set us back a little bit timeline-wise.

Once we settle on a release date, we'll be sure to let you know! :)

great, thanks for the response! ❤️

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Just after playing to the first boss fight this is some immediate feedback for the dev/s:
1. Why can you run diagonally but cant stand diagonnaly, would make fighting a lot more fun and less agitating because your enimeies have omnidirection in both attacks and movement but you dont really?
2. Graphics and fighting are simplistic but amazing.
3. fighting is the right difficulty but has some agitating factor
4. Story hooks you in immediately, I want to play more and cant wait for the full thing
5. Text speed is sorta slow for me atleast and many conversations could be summarised

Will you develop this game for Linux? 

Most games that I've played on itch.io use the "<filename>.x86_64" file extension if they develop using Unity, or just "<filename>" with no file extension for other game engines.

- Ben

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This game os sooooo good, I made a video about it (in Portuguese) 

the story is very good as well, I really like the combat scenes where you defeat enemies right on the map

This game looks fantastic. The art, story, characters and gameplay are all excellent. Sooo looking forward to the release.


Story plot is good, combat system is excellent. Hyped for it please release full version soon :)

Can't we just claim it?

Long story short, I love Zelda games, and this is a great take on that kind of style of game! I'm intrigued in the story and the game world.  I was a bit apprehensive about the modern day setting, but the fantasy theme seems to be alive and well regardless.  The speech style reminds me a bit about Stardew Valley as well.

Here's my first part of my two part playthrough for this demo :)

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The game looks and plays fantastic, although I have some nitpicks.

  • Sometimes sprites seem to be a realscreen pixel off
  • When lights are fading outwards it sometimes looks noisy

But besides that, the soundtrack, art and gameplay are amazing, and I'm really going to get into this game.

Giving the character animations and attacks for when holding two direction keys, for example if you are pressing up and left, it would look better if there was an animation for going that direction.

I feel that movement style is to be reminiscent of Link to the Past and other top down Zelda games.  Since it always prioritized the first movement for direction and then the diagonal for the strafe I'm pretty sure.

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Nãooo, ah eu mudei como configurações do jogo e coloquei uma vez sem querer deixar de funcionar agora e não consigo mais jogar: (esse jogo e tão bom

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Hello. You can try to reset the settings back to default in the settings menu, hopefully that helps! 

Alternatively (this will reset your progress), you can delete your save file from "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\AriettaofSpirits\savegames.dat", or type "%appdata%" in the file path. If you could give more information about the issue we could help you more.

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me lembrei,eu coloquei a configuração Screen Scalling o erro diz Win32 function failed:HRESULT:0x80070057

Call:GR_D3D_Device_-~(seta)CreateTexture2D at line 611 in file \TexturesM.cpp 

tambem,isso acontece de novo e de novo deve ser por causa da textura mas eu me culpo se puder ajudar responda(eu ja reinstalei o jogo mas fica com a mesma configuração)

translate:i remembered, i put the Screen Scalling setting the error says Win32 function failed: HRESULT: 0x80070057

Call: GR_D3D_Device_- ~ (arrow) CreateTexture2D at line 611 in file \ TexturesM.cpp

also, it happens again and again it must be because of the texture but I blame myself if I can help answer(I already reinstalled the game but it remains with the same configuration)

An absolutely stunning Zelda-like. Interesting story gorgeous pixel art and animation.

This game has so much potential! Looking forward for the full release and I hope there are more content to come. I would like to recommend adding a weapon system where you can change your weapons whether you like your weapon to be ranged or melee and more, a weapon system in a game like this would be awesome! Keep up the good work.

can u  make that its play able and not down

load it pls i really like the game!

The build downloadable on the game's page is working. Can you not open it?

I think they're asking for an html/browser version.

May I ask of you to add platform tags to the game's page? The Itch desktop app uses them to detect if there's a system compatible download available.

Done. It was left out of the newest build. Thank you!

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Mild spoilers for the game, play it befre you read this.

Critque for the game:

I loved it! It was really amazing, I loved the story writing, and wish to see how this develops!


Great graphics and soundtrack (pixxel art is absolutely stunning)

The interactions with objects was a nice touch

Lots of attention to detailed and veery polished

No  uneccessary holding your hand stuff


Moveset was unfortunately only limited to one move, making combat very difficult

Bats were sometimes hard to see in the later half of the  game

Lack of screen transition, making the game seem clunky when it honestly wasn't 

Rolling animation seemed, lackluster? I don't know, it just didn't look fluid

Playstyle was not fast paced combt but mostly stealth and hit and run due to the moveset


3.5 or 4 out of 5

Wish to try the full game soon

edit: Arco's expression doesn't change during the boss cutscene, might want to check that

Nice! Thank you for the comments! :)

Really cool game with so much potential. I had so much fun playing this! I really can't wait until the full game is released.

Thank you ! :)

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Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the demo. The art style is wonderful (and adorable!), the combat fluid, and I love the story thus far. I'm very much looking forward to being able to play the whole thing!

Edit: As someone who doesn't use QWERTY, thanks for the keybinding options!

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it :)

I loved the game, the graphics are so beautifulls. Can't wait to play the full version <3

Thanks a lot!

Cute game! Can't wait to see the full game! Keep me posted.

Thanks for playing!

Just a question, but will the full game be free? Not that I can't pay for it, but just curious is all.

The full game will be not be free. :) We haven't decided on the price quite yet. 

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I've played through the demo, beat the boss and won it.
I'm very into the story and love everything so far! 8)
Just a request:
I love retro games like this. I don't play many modern 3D type games at all.
I have enjoyed many of the retro style games that have been coming out.
However, many of them start out great but eventually become too hard.
I like the level this game is at right now and of course, I expect it to become
more difficult as it progresses... Just don't make it infuriating please! 8)
Maybe different skill levels to choose from title screen?
I feel I've been burnt by games that start off great but eventually become
so difficult they are impossible and not at all fun, CATHEDRAL is one.
That game started off great but eventually became so stupid hard that it
was not fun at all and I gave up.

Thanks for listening and great job, I am looking forward to this game!
Please make sure to release it on ITCH.IO as I do not use STEAM.
I don't know why but many games which start on ITCH.IO seem to only
put the demo out there, but then when the game is released, they only
release it on STEAM. I think ITCH.IO deserves support. 8)

P.S. - Is there any ETA on the release date? 8)

Hi! Thanks for playing the demo, we're glad you enjoyed it! 

We want the game to be accessible to as many players as possible and aim to keep the difficulty level balanced. Being able to choose a difficulty is something we have considered in implementing.

We like itch.io as well and will definitely be releasing the game here too :)

No ETA on the release date yet, but we'll post it as soon as we know.

what is ETA i serach on google and this is a terrorism group just curiosity 

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